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Welcome to My Prysmian

Customers are our core assets and our mission is to continuously improve their journey every day - through our high and innovative range of product solutions and services. Our customer-centric approach and digital technology opportunities let us offer an added value solutions proposition.

Our digital approach offers a number of web solutions and tools with the aim of:

  • Being close to our customers
  • Enhancing our customers' touch points
  • Ensuring transparent exchange of information
  • Offering and improving customised solutions

Prysmian digital tools

Prysmian clubs

<p>An advanced best-practice sharing platform, where our customers can access a host of information, from innovative solutions to training sessions, from market news to promotions and much more.</p>

Customer Portal and eServices

<p>It will make it easier for our customers to access information on order status and documentation, drums visibility, stock availability, case-management information and much more.</p>

Online ordering

<p>Streamlined business transactions, through a flexible approach in business processes such as ordering, invoicing, payments, quotations, data tracking, logistics and shipping documentation.</p>

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

<p>Electronic exchange of business documents and processes, through a direct connection between Prysmian Group and our customers' ERP systems.</p> <p> </p>

Product datasheets and eCatalogues

<p>Prysmian Group is enhancing product data information quality and accessibility through our Product Information Management (PIM) system, an improved content management approach and an advanced product search.</p>

Cable App

<div> <p>Discover our new cable selection App. Coming soon! Register for our newsletter to receive the latest update.</p> <p>The new Prysmian Cable App will provide users with a handy, powerful tool to help select the right cable for the job. It will help with all the tricky technical calculations and produce professional PDFs that can be saved and incorporated into quotes and tenders.</p> <p> </p> </div>

Partenership and branding solutions

<p>Partnering with our key customers’ ecommerce sites is a win-win solution.</p>

Online surveys

<p>A direct web survey platform linked to our CRM system to improve the monitoring of our performances, to gather a better understanding of our customers' needs and to put in place a streamlined follow up/action plan process to meet with our customers' expectations/needs.</p>

Webinars and online training

<p>Prysmian Group provides our Customers with access to specific training sessions through our websites and/or key partners sites.</p>

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Head Customer Centricity Office

Head Customer Centricity Office

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