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Connecting communities to a new world

The world is in the midst of a data explosion. Across the globe, people are sharing, purchasing, downloading, streaming, connecting and communicating in the digital sphere. Living and working digitally is the new normal. And for network operators, this means managing an exponential increase in bandwidth to meet the world’s rising demand. At Prysmian Group, our Digital Solutions business unit is building modern day networks that provide robust physical infrastructure, trusted IT security and long-term reliability.


Our commitment to the digital transformation

At Prysmian, our Digital Solutions are realising the infrastructure of today and tomorrow, helping the world to meet its most pressing challenges. By pushing the boundaries of digitalisation, we will seize the opportunities offered by this new market trend and lead the digital transformation that is happening worldwide.


Data networks must support the exponential demands of IoT, 5G, connected buildings, Industry 4.0 and more. Ensuring high-speed connectivity in the core network, within data centres or at the edge.

Network congestion

As the world demands more speed, our networks become increasingly overcrowded.

Fast-paced, competitive markets

Our customers often work in markets that shift rapidly, and need to set themselves apart from the competition.

Energy transition

The world needs cleaner and ‘greener’ energy supplies and telecoms networks. Fibre networks are the most sustainable of technologies.

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Linking the Future of digital networks

Linking the Future of digital networks